Greenhouse Scholars has opportunities for you to volunteer no matter your skills, interests, or how much time you have to spare. We could not be successful without the generous commitments from community members like you. Listed below are a few of our most urgent needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss these or other opportunities, or look at our calendar for a list of upcoming events that may interest you.

Become a Mentor
As a mentor, you will be a source of knowledge, support, and life experience for our Scholars while they attend college and become community leaders. The exact nature of the mentor and mentee relationship will be up to you and your Scholar to customize. We ask only that you commit to meeting with your mentee for a minimum of two hours a month.

To learn more about becoming a mentor, contact us at at

Become a Professional Contact
This is one of the easiest ways to get involved with Greenhouse Scholars and meet the amazing students in our program. As a professional networking contact, you agree to be on a list of leaders whom our Scholars can meet and/or call for an informational interview: to discuss their career path, choices, and opportunities in your field. By doing this, you will help Scholars explore different industries and learn networking, listening, and interviewing skills. Professional networking contacts agree to meet with Scholars for a minimum of 4 hours per year, which represents about two meetings.

To request an application, contact us at at

Help Select the Next Class of Scholars
Help us find the next generation of Greenhouse Scholars by reviewing applications and/or attending panel interviews with the finalists. You are sure to be inspired by the stories of the incredible challenges these students have faced and overcome.

To get involved, contact Lindsey Price at or 303.459.5470.

Host Your Own Fundraiser
Get creative and host your own event to support Greenhouse Scholars. Whether you raise $5,000 dollars or $50, your efforts will be appreciated. If you’ve got a great idea or want to brainstorm possibilities, contact Andra Pool at or 303.460.1754.