The 2015-2016 online application opens as of September 1, 2015! To apply please go to

Questions on eligibility? View our eligibility requirements here.

The Greenhouse Scholars application process consists of three rounds:

  • To be considered for this program, you must submit your application in December 2015. Please check back soon for updates to official dates.
  • After submitting an online application in December, applicants will be notified of their semi-finalist status in January and then finalist status in March.
  • For subsequent rounds, semi-finalists and finalists will be notified via email, and the email will include a summary of the additional information requested with a link to our application system at
  • For all rounds, application materials will be collected in our application system.
  • All deadline and notification date details are below.

Contact us anytime with questions: or 303.459.5470


Online application opens.

DECEMBER 2015 (to be updated)
Application deadline - early submissions are highly encouraged.

JANUARY 2016 (to be updated)
Applicants notified of their semi-finalist status by email. Semi-finalists asked to provide FAFSA Student Aid Report, list of colleges applied to and acceptance status, and an optional written statement of extenuating circumstances.

FEBRUARY 2016 (to be updated)
Deadline for semi-finalists to submit additional materials.

MARCH 2016 (to be updated)
Applicants notified of their finalist status by email. Finalists asked to submit interview scheduling preference and head shot photo by email.

MARCH 2016 (to be updated)
Deadline for finalists to submit additional materials.

APRIL 2016 (to be updated)
Finalists interviewed.

APRIL/MAY 2016 (to be updated)
Scholars announced by phone and email.